Monday, March 21, 2011


Welcome to my new blog, Home Stewardship. If you followed my first blog My Proverbs 31 Calling, you might have already gotten a hint that I am striving to be a better steward of the things God has put into my care. One of the biggest focuses for me is my temporary home here on this earth that I am meant to take care of, as well as of the people in it (only the hubby and the cat right now). This blog will be about all things home related, with a particular interest in frugal and simple living. I will transfer over some of the posts I wrote from My Proverbs 31 Calling just as a refresher of some ideas we covered as well as for those of you who may be just joining me.

The reason for starting a whole new blog from scratch was that I felt that the purpose of the first one was starting to get a little muddled. I got overwhelmed and felt the need to "give up" for a while, and take a step back. I'm back with a better focus and committment to living a frugal and responsible life and invite you to share in my journey.

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